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S.W.A.R.M. and the Willowbrook-Sherwood Forest Hills Community
(S.W.A.R.M. : Skyview Willowbrook Association for Road Maintenance)

This is a website for the property owners of the Willowbrook-Sherwood Forest Hills Community located in the rural hills of Mendocino county, northwest of Willits, California. Willowbrook-Sherwood is a private community, of approximately 130 properties, in which the property owners own and maintain their own roads through their road association, SWARM. All property owners within the Willowbrook-Sherwood community are members of SWARM automatically, and all members are obligated under California law to pay their share of the road maintenance/improvement costs (billed annually or by special assessment by SWARM). Members are also required to maintain the road frontage of their properties, to include keeping brush cleared for road visibility, ditches cleared and driveway culverts installed/serviced.

If you are not a resident but are considering purchasing property in our community, we encourage you to contact us with your questions. We also strongly advise you to have a Title Company involved in your transaction to ensure the property you purchase will be unencumbered.

If you are a Title Company representative, and are looking for information in order to close a property, please contact the Board Treasurer (see below) for any outstanding balances due on the property. Your letter or email to us should include your name, company and contact information, the information being requested, the address and parcel number (APN) of the property in question as well as the names of the current and new owners. We will provide you with a pro-rated billing for your closing. Please allow 7 working days for our response.

We do not provide personal information about SWARM members, including phone numbers.

SWARM is a tax-exempt, non-profit, mutual-benefit, common-interest organization with the following classifications:
Federal: 501c(4) [Social Welfare Organization] #68-0179138
California: R&TC Section 2370(1f) [Social Welfare Organization] #C-0751425 (registered as Willowbrook-Skyview Road Association)

Association Founded 1975 (Roads & subdivision created in 1970).
Annual fees collected are used for the maintenance and improvement of the community's privately-owned roads held in common.

All important communications to the Board should be written to ensure proper review.
Unless written and signed by the Board, communications from individual Board members are person-to-person.
Please remember that SWARM Board Members are elected volunteers
Address correspondence to: SWARM, PO Box 869, WIllits, CA 95490


Current (2017/18 term) SWARM Board of Directors:
Zach Hansen 707.459.1212First Gate 
Dennis Kettler 415.602.6479First
Catrina FishPresident707.984.6373Second Gate 
Paloma HillTreasurer707.841.7475Second
Cyrus Burch  Third Gate 
Brad Sears 415.302.0103Third
John O'ClaireSecretary707.984.6098Third


SWARM Member Notices:

Just a reminder to check the culverts and ditches along your property. A clogged ditch or culvert can tear up the road quickly and redirect precious funds away from other areas. Also, please keep the brush along your property frontage trimmed back to increase visibility and reduce fire danger. Thank you!

Have you changed your mailing address? If so, please let us know so that we can ensure SWARM mailings get to you (your personal information is never released to others). Contact one of the Board members or write to the SWARM address with your changes. Please include your old address and name along with the new. Thanks!

If you are delinquent in your road dues, please contact us to make arrangements for paying them (installments, etc.). You and your neighbors depend upon the roads being maintained in good condition. Note that if your debt exceeds $1800, we are obligated to take legal action.

Please be considerate of others when driving on our roads and remember that when you, your guest (or renter), or someone you see is tearing up the road, the cost is coming out of your and your neighbor's pocket...


SWARM Board Meeting Minutes:
Note: Minutes posted are typically drafts until accepted/recorded at the following board meeting. Executive Meeting minutes are not published.
All minutes are in Adobe PDF format.

September 2017 Minutes
August 12, 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
May 23, 2017 Minutes
December 14, 2016 Minutes
September 12, 2016 Minutes
August 13, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2016 Minutes
February 1, 2016 Minutes
October 12, 2015 Minutes
August 22, 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2015 Minutes
September 25, 2014 Minutes
August 16, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2014 Minutes
September 30, 2013 Minutes
August 10, 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2013 Minutes
January 15, 2013 Minutes
September 25, 2012 Minutes
August 12, 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2011 Minutes
August 13, 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2011 Minutes
June 23, 2011 Minutes
May 10, 2011 Minutes
March 15, 2011 Minutes
January 18, 2011 Minutes
December 7, 2010 Minutes
September 28, 2010 Minutes
August 21, 2010 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 13, 2010 Minutes
April 26, 2010 Minutes
January 19, 2010 Minutes
December 15, 2009 Minutes
November 17, 2009 Minutes
August 15, 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes
July 8, 2009 Minutes
June 10, 2009 Minutes
April 29, 2009 Minutes
March 3, 2009 Minutes
January 12, 2009 Minutes
December 31, 2008 Minutes
November 10, 2008 Minutes
October 18, 2008 Minutes

3rd Gate Road Issues, 2014 -- Road maintenance & Budget for 2014.
3rd Gate Road Issues, 2013 -- Road maintenance & Budget for 2013.
3rd Gate Road Issues, 2012 -- Road maintenance & Budget for 2012.
3rd Gate Road Issues, 2011 -- Road maintenance & Budget for 2011.
3rd Gate Road Issues, 2010 -- Road maintenance & Budget for 2010.


Upcoming SWARM Board Meetings:

Times and locations have not been fixed and space is often limited. If you would like to attend one or more of the Board meetings, and are in good standing, please let us know (along with the topics you wish discussed, if applicable), and we will make arrangements. We appreciate your patience and understanding!


SWARM Documents:
All documents are in Adobe PDF format.

General Policy -- Policy covering General SWARM functions, including purchases, etc..
Road Maintenance Policy -- Policy covering Road Maintenance concerns.
Billing Policy -- Policy covering Billing including rates and the handling of delinquent accounts.

Corporation Documents:
Amended and Restated Bylaws, 2013 (7/2013) -- The Association's current Bylaws, 2013
Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation, 2013 (7/2013) -- current Articles, 2013
Amended and Restated Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, 2013 (7/2013) -- current CC&Rs, recorded all properties, 2013 (#2013-16744)

Historical documents:
Articles of Incorporation, 1988 -- Articles of Incorporation, 1988.
Bylaws, 1986 -- The Association Bylaws, 1986.
Index to 1988 Articles and 1986 Bylaws
Amendment to Articles, 1976 -- Amendment to the Articles (State requested), 1976.
Articles of Incorporation, 1975 -- The Association's original Articles created/filed in 1975.
Bylaws, 1975 -- The Association's original Bylaws, created in 1975.
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Sherwood Forest Hills -- Declaration of Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (Recorded CC&Rs, 1970)
Certificate of Compliance, Sherwood Forest Hills subdivision -- County certification of subdivision (Recorded, 1975).
Certificate of Compliance, Willowbrook Hills subdivision -- ditto, note Sherwood Hills is most of 3rd Gate, while Willowbrook Hills is 1st, 2nd and the first few properties of 3rd Gate.

The following County Records are Referenced in a Property Owner's existing Title Disclosure:
Superior Court, Interlocutory Judgement #61093 -- Superior Court Interim Decisions regarding SWARM Authority (Recorded Copy, 1992)
Superior Court, Final Judgement #61093 -- Superior Court Final Decisions regarding SWARM Authority (Recorded Copy, 1992)
Sample Title Disclosures -- Sample of a Property's Title Disclosures (pre-2013)

Some applicable California Codes:
California Civil Code 1350-1378 -- Section 1350+ of the California Civil Code, Davis-Stirling Act (Common Interest Developments), governing guidelines. [Note that the Davis-Stirling Act Civil Codes have been renumbered to 4000 et. seq., eff. 1/2014]
California Civil Code 1366-1367 -- Section 1366-1367 of the California Civil Code, delineating assessments and delinquent actions [See above Davis-Stirling note]
California Civil Code 845 -- Section 845 of the California Civil Code, delineating mutual obligations of community property owners

Financial Statements and Related Documents:
2017 Financial Report (1/18)
2015 Financial Report (1/16)
2014 Financial Report (1/15)
2013 Financial Report (1/14)
2012 Financial Report (1/13)
2011 Financial Report (1/12)
2010 Financial Report (1/11)
2009 Financial Report (1/10)
2008 Financial Report (1/09)

1976 California Exempt Organization Filing (note that the R&TC code and the Corporation numbers have changed since this filing)
1989 Federal EIN Application

Mailings, Newsletters & Handouts:
2018 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/18)
2018 Newsletter (1/18)
2017 Newsletter (1/17)
2016 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/16)
2016 Newsletter (1/16)
2015 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/15)
2015 Newsletter (1/15)
2014 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/14)
2014 Newsletter (1/14)
2013 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/13)
Letter sent regarding public meeting for ballot counting, Governing Document revision referendum (6/13)
Community Questions & Answers on the Governing Document changes (rev. 01/30/13)
Letter sent regarding governing document revisions and voting for the same (1/13)
2013 Newsletter (1/13)
2012 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/12)
2012 Newsletter (1/12)
2011 Annual Meeting General Handout (8/11)
2011 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/11)
2011 Operations Transition Letter (6/11)
2011 Litigation Letter & Release of Information Query (6/11)
2011 Newsletter (1/11)
2010 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/10)
2010 Newsletter (1/10)
2009 Annual Meeting General Handout (8/09)
2009 Annual Meeting Financial Report Handout (8/09)
2009 Newsletter (1/09)
General Survey sent to all members (11/08)
Resident Status Update questionaire sent to members listed as Non-resident (11/08)
Third Gate Bridge Actual Expense breakdown (11/09) -- This is a list of the actual monies spent on the bridge per the association's accounts ledger. A big thank you to Linda J.!
Third Gate Bridge Replacement Letters (2006) -- These are the letters sent out to the 3rd Gate community regarding the replacement, including cost breakdown, assessment, etc.
Working Directives -- Summary document (mailing), which includes court-decreed working directives, discussions on rate formulae, etc., circa 1998. Note that most of this is still accurate except that the rates are not fixed as a result of the court (Bylaws and Calif. Civil Code set provisions for cost apportionment of expenses by the Board).
Member Responsibilities -- Reprint from 1998 newsletter (still some good common-sense statements).

Miscellaneous Documents:
Board Resolution, Third Gate Bridge Replacement (2006) -- The Board Resolution regarding replacement of the 3rd Gate Bridge, May 7, 2006. Note that one of the primary concerns (by the Board and the County) was that the Bridge, our only way in and out, had the capacity to carry Fire trucks and road maintenance equipment. The community-repaired bridge did not, with the County ordering the replacement (as well as the railings).

MendoCounty Roads Letter, 2009 -- 2009 Letter to/from County regarding feasibility of our roads receiving assistance under the county road maintenance program.
Road Maintenance Costs, 1988 -- 1988 Letter fom Peters (Civil Engineer) regarding cost of maintaining the roads and recommendations.

Subdivision Map -- Map of the Willowbrook-Sherwood subdivision.
Past SWARM Boards -- A (developing) list of past SWARM Boards and their members. These folks have given much to the community and we wish to recognize their service. Thank you, each of you!


Fire Safe Council Documents:
Helpful resources and matching funds/grants for work done around your property and the community to increase fire safety. Also, watch for flyers on the gate's bulletin boards for upcoming Fire Safe meetings.
[Willowbrook / Sherwood Gates FireSafe Council (FSC) is not affiliated with SWARM]
All documents are in Adobe PDF format.
Citizen Alert Sign-up -- Register here for the Citizen Emergency Alert and Notification Service, the Mendocino County alert system run by Everbridge. This service allows you to receive notifications via phone calls, text messaging, e-mail based on your locations. You can choose to receive notifications about events that may affect your home, workplace, family's schools & more.
Fire Safe Phone Tree Registration Form -- Register to be part of, or simply included in, the Willowbrook/Sherwood Gates Community Emergency Phone Tree. Local alerts (by and to your neighbors) may well come far in advance of any official notification. You will need to mail the completed form to the address at the bottom.
Address Signage -- Identify your property so emergency crews can find you. Purchase state approved reflective plates and numbering for your address. Call Keith Rutledge @ 456-9571 to order.
CDF Standards -- Includes driveway, gate and water standards. Is your property setup so CDF can defend it?
Fire Safe Worksheet -- Worksheet for listing time and materials expenditures (on fire safe activities around your property and the community) to qualify for FSC-provided chipping, etc.
Fire Safe Mendocino -- Link to the Mendocino Fire Safe organization. Look here for further resources on maintaining a fire safe home and property, emergency contacts, and current matching grant programs.
Strategies for Fire Safety -- An interesting article on building and living smart in fire country.


Other Useful Documents & Links:
All documents are in Adobe PDF format.
Private Road Guide -- From Santa Cruz County, a guide to road creation and maintenance, including a section on road maintenance associations
Code of the West, Realities of Rural Living -- An interesting publication put out by Siskiyou County that may be helpful regarding rural issues.
Brown Act -- Guidelines for meetings by local legislative bodies.
Underground Service Alert -- Visit this site or call 800.227.2600 before digging to prevent disrupting buried utilities (telephone lines, etc.) The site contains information about marking the area you will be digging so they can properly determine if any utilities are present.
Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County (BAMC) -- A local non-profit working to bring reliable broadband internet to our region. Check out the website and attend meetings to get this moving forward!
Rural Broadband Solution -- Having trouble with your cell connection and/or need internet service at your property? This paper might help.


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